Events 2008

In 2008 we participated in the following events:

Amos Almeida

Date: September

Location: Dodewaard, Netherlands

amos_almeida_1 amos_almeida_2 amos_almeida_3


Date: September

Location: Lelystad Airport, Netherlands

ducksbomber aviodrome1 aviodrome2 aviodrome3 aviodrome4


Date: December

Location, Bastogne, Belgium

bastogecalendar bastogne20081 bastogne20082 bastogne20083 bastogne20084 bastogne20085

Duckdag 2008-1

Date: January12th

Location: Voorst, Netherlands

duckdag200801_1 duckdag200801_2 duckdag200801_3 duckdag200801_4

Duckday 2008-2

Date: November

Location: Wijk bij Duurstede, Netherlands

duckdagnov2008_1 duckdagnov2008_2 duckdagnov2008_3 duckdagnov2008_4 duckdagnov2008_5 duckdagnov2008_6

ISK Harskamp

Date: August

Location: Dutch Army training center,  near Amersfoort, Netherlands

harskamp2008_1 harskamp2008_2


Date: September

Location: Beers, Netherlands

lplg2008_1 lplg2008_2 lplg2008_3 lplg2008_4

Memorial Day

Date: May

Location: American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands

memorialday_1 memorialday_2 memorialday_3

D-Day +59

Date: June 6th

Location: Normandy, France

normandy2008_1 normandy2008_2 normandy2008_3 normandy2008_4 normandy2008_5 normandy2008_6

Operation Torch

Date: October

Location: Dodewaard, Netherlands

Occasion: Meet veterans from WW2 and Vietnam


Wings meet Wheels

Date: August

Location: Soesterberg, Netherlands