Events 2005

In 2005 we participated in the following events:


Date: December
Location, Bastogne, Belgium

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Date: June
Location: Normandy France

d-day2005-01 d-day2005-02 d-day2005-03 d-day2005-04 d-day2005-05

Amsterdam Parade

Date: May
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 200505adam-002 200505adam-003 200505adam-004

Band of Brothers tour

Date: September
Location: Netherlands

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Liberation day

Date: May 5th
Location: IJsselstein, Netherlands

Click here for our Liberation Day  pictures!


Family Day

Location: Arnhem, Netherlands

opendag2005-000 opendag2005-001 opendag2005-002 opendag2005-003 opendag2005-004 opendag2005-005 opendag2005-006 opendag2005-007 opendag2005-008 opendag2005-009 opendag2005-kc

Tanks in Town

Date: August
Location: Mons Belgium

200508mons-01 200508mons-02 200508mons-03 200508mons-04 200508mons-05 200508mons-06 200508mons-07 200508mons-08 200508mons-09 200508mons-10


Location: Geldrop, Netherlands

2005meisemert01 2005meisemert02 2005meisemert03 meisemert-01 meisemert-02

Ginkelse Heide

Date: September
Location: Arnhem, Netherlands

2005ginkel01 2005ginkel02 2005ginkel03 2005ginkel04 2005ginkel05 2005ginkel06 2005ginkel07

Slijk Ewijk HQ

Location: Slijk Ewijk, Netherlands

2005-se-hq02 2005-se-hq03 2005-se-hq04 2005-se-hq05 2005-se-hq06 2005-se-hq07 2005-se-hq08 2005-se-hq09 2005-se-hq10 2005-se-hq11


Location: The Island, Netherlands

200505-cr-01 200505-cr-02 200505-cr-03 200505-cr-04 200505-cr-05 200505-fco-01 200505-fco-02 200505-fco-03 200505-fco-04 200505-fco-05

Band of Brothers Tour

Date: May
Location: Dodewaard, Netherlands

bob2005-01 bob2005-02 bob200505-01 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA bob200505-03 bob200505-04 bob200505-05 bob200505-06 bob200505-07 bob200505-08 bob200505-09 bob200505-10 bob200505-11 bob200505-12 bob200505-13 bob200505-14 bob200505-15