Events 2007

In 2007 we participated in the following events:


Date: December
Location, Bastogne, Belgium

bastognemars2007_1 bastognemars2007_2 museumdiekirch_1 museumdiekirch_2

Band of Brothers tour

Date: October
Location, Dodewaard, Netherlands

bob2007_1 bob2007_2

Dutch Dakota Association

Date: September
Location: Market Garden area, Netherlands

dakota1 dakota2 dakota3 dakota4 dakota5 dakota6 dakota7 dakota8 dakota9 dakota10 dakota11 dakota12 dakota13 dakota14 dakota15 dakota16 dakota17 dakota18 dakota19 dakota20 dakota21 dakota22 dakota23 dakota24 dakota25

Duckdag 2007-1

Date: January14th
Location: Slijk Ewijk, Netherlands

duckdag20070114 duckdag20070114_2 duckdag20070114_3

Duckday 2007-2

Date: April 22nd
Location: Vorden, Netherlands

duckdag20070422 duckdag20070422_2 v1harfsen


Date: April
Location: Hurtgen, Germany

hurtgenwald1 hurtgenwald2 hurtgenwald3 hurtgenwald4 hurtgenwald5 hurtgenwald6

KTR 35 years

Date: August
Location: Dutch Army training center,  near Amersfoort, Netherlands

ktr35jr_1 ktr35jr_2 ktr35jr_3 ktr35jr_4

Memorial Day

Date: May
Location: American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands


D-Day +58

Date: June 6th
Location: Normandy, France

normandy2007_1 normandy2007_2 normandy2007_3 normandy2007_4 normandy2007_5

Santa FE

Date: June
Location: Roermond, Netherlands


Sosabowski tour

Date: September
Location: Driel, Netherlands

sosabowski2007 sosabowski2007_2

Operation Torch

Date: October
Location: Dodewaard, Netherlands
Occasion: Meet veterans from WW2 and Vietnam

torch2007_1 torch2007_2 torch2007_3 torch2007_4